Bono Brothers, LLC

River Wind Rules

River Wind Manufactured Home Seasonal Park

Cape Vincent, NY
         Owned and Operated 
           By Bono Brothers North, LLC


LATE FEES - Payments must be paid by their respective dates (March and May first). If payment is not paid in full by June 1st, then services will be stopped and eviction process will begin. The late fee charge will be 5% of the remaining lot rent fee. 

RETURNED CHECKS - Tenants will pay to the management a twenty five dollar ($25.00) charge for each time a check has been tendered to the owner for rental or services in connection with the use and occupancy of the mobile home and such check is returned for insufficient funds.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS - Each lot will be kept neat, clean, and free from any junk, trash, garbage, litter, and debris. Because of underground waste disposal and electrical facilities, lawns may not be dug up or disturbed in any way without prior written consent of the management. . Management reserves the right to trim lawns and perform necessary maintenance, and charge the occupant’s for all labor and machinery costs. Such bill for maintenance and repairs are to be paid within thirty days and shall be considered additional rental and subject to collection in summary proceedings in court.  It is the responsibly of the of the tenant to mow and trim your lawn.  

SKIRTING - Every mobile home must have skirting.  Any skirting which has fallen down or been damaged must be replaced immediately.

ADDITIONS - Any additions, such as decks, awnings, sun rooms, and other additions must be constructed with manufactured products only and must be approved by management before any work commences. No permanent structures will be allowed to be built on park property. Any and all additions, including storage sheds, shall be in compliance with all state and local building codes. Permits and licenses for any of the above mentioned structures shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant and must be in the possession of the tenant prior to commencement of construction. All fees are the responsibility of the tenant.  

STORAGE SHEDS - All additions, enclosures, buildings, or masonry to be placed on the lot must be approved, in advance, by the management. Storage sheds are required for storage of lawn and garden equipment, boxes, cans, bottles, toys, bicycles, etc.  Any decks or sheds that are being added, rebuilt, or worked on require a permit from the Town of Cape Vincent and Jefferson County. A copy of the permit must be submitted to us before any construction or work is to be started. Decks and sheds are taxable items and are considered improvements to your home assessment.

 FENCES - NO fences allowed.

PERMITS - In accordance with the rules and regulations, statutes, and/or ordinances of the Town of Cape Vincent, each mobile home will be required to have a Town of Cape Vincent Mobile Home permit before being placed on your lot.

SEWER LINES - Residents are responsible for keeping their sewer lines clear between their homes and ground connections. Do not flush paper towels, disposable diapers or liners, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, coffee grounds, grease and food particles down kitchen or bath drains. Any repairs caused by failure to keep such sewer lines clear and free of obstruction shall be charged to the tenant or occupant as additional rent and is collectable is Summary proceedings. No dishwashers or washing machines are permitted.

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE-  Please remove garbage  weekly.  Do Not leave garbage in containers for more than one week.  All garbage can be brought to the Town of Cape Vincent Transfer Station. The address is 32777 Wilson Rd, Cape Vincent, NY 13618.  More information can be found here, . 

IMPROVEMENTS TO LOT - Other that original seeding, landscaping in River Wind MHC will be the responsibility of the tenant. Planting of trees, shrubs, and other plants are encouraged, but must first be approved by the management. If approved and planted, such trees, shrubs, and plants become fixtures attached to the property and may not be removed or disturbed even after your tenancy terminates.   Lawn care in Sunset Shores community will be maintained by park management.

FURTHER MAINTENANCE - The landlord shall provide water, sewer, and electric connections to the site. The tenant is responsible for connection and maintenance of equipment from the site to the mobile home itself. Each tenant shall be responsible for making tight and approved connections to all utilities. Sewer line connections shall include a rubber donut gasket at the point of attachment to park outlets. Alterations and/or damage to utility connections due to disregard of park regulations or carelessness on the part of the tenant and/or family members, guests, licensees, or invitees will be repaired by the management and charged to the responsible tenant as additional rent and is collectable in Summary proceedings.

FIRES - No rubbish, brush, or leaves shall be burned on park property. Also, because they present a fire and health hazard, they shall not be left piled anywhere on park property either. Small, wood campfires are permitted until 11:00 p.m. Garbage is not allowed to be burned. Wood fires only! 

ANCHORING - If desired by tenant, each tenant shall be responsible for installation and maintenance of anchoring system.

FUEL TANKS AND BOTTLED GAS - Fuel tanks and bottled gas will be placed in a safe location designated by management and will be properly maintained by residents and painted, if necessary. 

PETS - Residents are responsible for the actions of the pet at ALL times and agree to abide by the following rules:
A.  Residents agree that the pet will not disturb the rights, comforts, and conveniences of other residents in the mobile home park.  This applies whether the pet is inside or outside of resident’s home.
B.  Residents shall not permit the pet in other residents’ grounds.
C.  When the pet is outside of the owner’s home, the pet shall be kept on a leash, and under resident’s supervision at ALL TIMES. Management shall have the right to pick up loose pets and/ or report them to the proper authorities.  Management may impose reasonable charges for picking up and/or keeping loose pets.
D. The pet shall not be tied to any fixed objects anywhere on mobile home park grounds, including roads, grassy areas, or any other place within the park.
E.  Pet owners shall NOT allow pets to defecate on other tenants’ grounds.  Pet owners are responsible for the IMMEDIATE removal of pet waste from the mobile home park. 
F.  All dogs must have a license from the tenants hometown.  A copy of this License must be submitted to the park management with each yearly renewal.
G.  ALL  dog owners must submit written proof of rabies vaccinations.  All vaccinations must be current and up to date.
H.  Only ONE dog will be allowed per household. NO VISTING DOGS!
I.  Pet owners shall be liable for the entire amount of ALL damages caused by the pet.  Payment for damages, repairs, cleaning, replacements, etc. shall be due immediately upon demand.  Residents shall be strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury to the person or property of others caused by such pet, and pet owner shall indemnify owner for all costs of litigation and attorney’s fees resulting from same.
J.  All dogs must be approved by management.  Only dogs UNDER thirty (30) pounds are allowed. 
Dogs over 35lbs. will be grandfathered into the park. (Established May 1st, 2019)
K.  VIOLATION OF PET SERVICE AGREEMENT:  If any rule or provision of the pet service agreement is violated by pet owners, other occupants, guest, or invitees, pet owners shall, at management’s option, immediately and permanently remove the pet from the premises upon written notice by management or management’s representative.  If the pet owner refuses to remove the pet, eviction proceedings will begin at management’s option.
L. Management reserves the right to have any lessee, family member of lessee or invitee remove any pet from the leased premises of the park, if in the opinion of management, in its sole discretion, such pet is creating a nuisance or such pet poses a threat to the health or safety of other occupants.
M. No dogs are allowed to be on docks or in the Marina.

DISTURBANCES - Quite Hours begin at 11:00 PM. Each tenant is required to be respectful of the right of other tenants to quietly and peaceably enjoy their premises. Loud music, excessive noise, and disorderly conduct will not be allowed. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children. Do not violate the privacy of your neighbor’s yard, unless invited.
MANAGEMENT NOT LIABLE -   The management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss by any cause including but not limited to accident, fire, or theft to the person or property of residents, their guests, licensees, or invitees. This shall be considered FULL notification that occupants are using property and /or equipment at their own risk. Occupants hereby covenant and agree to indemnify the management and hold harmless from all costs and expenses including attorney fees, liability, loss, or any other expense arising out of such claims, injuries, damages, or losses.  

Management shall not be liable for any damages occasioned by failure to keep the park premises in repair and shall not be liable for any damage caused by plumbing, gas, water, steam or other pipes, sewage, or the bursting, leaking, or running of any pipe, tank, wash tank, water closet or waste type, in above, upon or about said space of park premises, not for any damage occasioned by water, snow or ice coming through or being upon the space of park premises, not for any damage arising from act, or neglect of co-residence, occupants, or owners adjacent or any other space and property. Owner assumes no responsibility for any electrical failures of any type or nature.

A.  Parking - No more than one (1) vehicle will be allowed per site and each must be currently registered, insured, and parked off the road. There will be no junk vehicles or vehicle storage permitted.   Utility trailers, boats, etc. must be parked in areas specified by the management. Management shall not be liable for damage to any vehicle kept by tenants on park premises. Tenants assume the risk of using, keeping and storing vehicles on park premises. Over load parking is available by the signed locations.  
B.  No major maintenance or overhauls of motor vehicles are permitted in the park.
C.  SPEED LIMIT- Speed limit is 5 MPH. Residents are responsible for their guest, licensees and invitees. One way signs must be observed where they apply.
D.  NO UNLICENSED VEHICLES - Vehicles lacking current licenses or registrations are not to be kept in the park. 
E. NOISE RESTRICTION - Vehicles which are so loud as to disturb the peace of the other occupants of the park are not permitted to be operated within the park.
F.  TRUCKS - No trucks larger than conventional pickup trucks will be permitted to be kept in the park.
G. No Parking on Septic tanks or leach lines.  
F.Boats and Boat Trailers will not be allowed to be stored on the property. Please park boats and PWC trailers across the street in designated area. No boats on the property please. 

RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES - No peddling, soliciting, or commercial enterprises will be allowed in the park without written consent of the management. No garage, moving, or auction sales shall be permitted in the park without prior written approval of management. Furthermore, the mobile homes may not be rented, loaned, or used by anyone for any purpose other than residential purposes for the original occupants without the written consent of management.

OCCUPANTS - No additional person or persons may reside in the mobile home other than those originally approved on the application or those born by them. Any falsification of names or information listed in the application for residency will automatically void the application and result in termination of the tenancy.

ABANDONMENT: In the event Lessee(s) shall abandon their mobile home, they hereby waive all right, title and interest to the mobile home and grant Lessors the right to remove the mobile home and its contents as they deem reasonable. Abandonment shall be defined as failure to pay rent for one season, May 1st to September 31st, and failure of the Lessee(s) to occupy the mobile home during the same period.

CHILDREN - Children (under 12) are not allowed near shoreline and marina area without life jackets. Parents are responsible for the actions of all minors under their supervision.

CLOTHES LINES - No clothes lines.

WOOD PILES - Wood piles for stoves or internal burning must be kept off the ground to discourage infestation by rodents and must be kept neatly piled.
A.  Washing of cars is NOT permitted.
B.  Watering of lawn in NOT Permitted.
C.  The exterior of the Mobile Home should be washed only when necessary to maintain the outside appearance.
D.  Occupants are required to maintain their water line. Continual running or dripping of water is not permitted. Management has the right to correct any problems at the owners expense.
E. Please shut off water at main when your home is not in use.

MOVING OUT / RESALE- All outstanding accounts must be paid in full before the tenants leave the park. No adjustments or refunds will be made for the yearly lease agreement after May 1st of every year. Landlord must approve any tenants prior to occupancy. Prior to approval of the sale of the mobile home or camper, tenant must comply with all the rules of the park. Management will not approve the sale of a mobile home or camper until all compliance’s are met. Homes with outstanding balances cannot be resold.

RESALE OF HOMES BUILT PRIOR TO 1975- All homes that are older than 1975 must be approved by Bono Brothers North prior to the intent to sell. Homes that are abandoned will be subject to a disposal fee of anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on size and contents. 

Subletting- Subletting is NOT permitted.

Season- The season is from May 1 to September 31st, 2019. Water will be off October 1st,2019.

Tents- No tents will be permitted.

Off Season- NO tenants are allowed on park premises after October 1st and before May 1 without written permission from Management.

Swimming is not allowed.

Contact Information

Bono Brothers North Office 315-868-2001
Main Office 315-895-4042
Fax 315-895-5312
      For Rent and Sales:  315-868-2001 Joe Jr. (Text Friendly)
For Park Emergencies and Service:  315-868-2003 Jim
For Accounts Payable: 315-868-2002 Jack
For Office 315-717-7725 Joseph J. Bono (Text Friendly)
Mailing Address: 
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